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2009-08-16 03:22:58 by Crazyhobo51

30 oz. Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix
2-4 oz. Monster Energy Drink (Green)
5 Orange Flavored Tic-Tac
1 Whole Fruit Rollup (Strawberry
OPTIONAL: 1 Cool Ranch Dorito Chip

First take the whole jug of margarita mix, preferably half empty. Take the Tic-Tacs and drop them into the jug and shake for approximately five to ten minutes, or at least until their colour has faded. After that let the drink sit for another five minutes. Next comes the Monster or equivalent energy drink, pour in about a 1/4 or 1/6 of the can, depending on how strong you wish the drink to be. Swirl and shake the drink for about fifteen seconds to mix in the energy drink. Hopefully by this point the Tic-Tacs will have completely dissolved but if they haven't it doesn't particularly matter. For the final step insert one whole Strawberry Fruit Rollup, tearing it into pieces and dropping them in. Shake well for another few minutes and your drink should be complete.

You can drink this beverage in any available container, even straight from the jug, but be aware that the very bottom will most likely have a sort of rind from the Fruit Rollups and Tic-Tacs making it very strong or bad tasting.

This drink was invented by me at a party with some friends who were looking for a fun drink without alchohol. I mainly make this drink with a half full jug of margarita mix, but when using a full jug I double all of the none mix ingredients for the same result, but sometimes I must drain a little of the Jose Cuervo before hand in order to prevent it from over flowing. Feel free to improve upon or otherwise edit.


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2009-08-21 01:25:19

shut the fuck up


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2009-10-07 16:04:53

^ ^
What they said.


2010-03-18 11:32:13

A dorito chip lol?